What to do Before Installation

Before Installation of Your New Floor

There are a few things that can help the installation go smoothly and that help it stay on schedule.

In order to install your new floor covering, the room must be completely emptied.


To keep it simple…we move the big stuff like dressers, beds, and other large furniture and you move the small stuff like bins under beds, fragile breakable pieces, and various other small items.

Also, be sure to have anything that is hanging over the installation area (low drapes, plants, etc.) pulled away and/or raised up off of the floor.

Here are a few other tips:

  • Look for small items under and around furniture that may need to be removed.
  • Remove bed linens and any small items stored under bed.
  • Remove small items in closet floor.
  • Remove low-hanging clothing in closets.
  • Disconnect cable/satellite/entertainment center cables.
  • Curio/china cabinets or any furniture pieces containing delicate items need to be emptied.
  • Vacuum existing floor to minimize dust during floor covering removal.
  • Remove books from bookcases.
  • Secure and/or remove any loosely hanging sconces, pictures, art and/or shelving to ensure the safety of the installers and the preservation of your items.