Going Green

​What do we mean by Going Green?


At DOOR TO DOOR FLOORS, we strive to do our part in providing solutions that minimize the impact on the environment. For our customers who prefer to use companies who have “green” initiatives, we feel it is important to make an effort to be good stewards of the resources under our care.

  • We offer flooring options through manufacturers who make products that contain recycled materials. To see Shaw’s Epic Hardwood product: click here.
  • We offer flooring products that are 100% recyclable and that can be turned back into flooring products. By using this process, it creates a scenario of virtually zero waste going into landfills.
  • We invest in the recycling of our waste scraps by separating reclaimable material from the waste that is generated from our flooring installations. Our partnership with the recycling industry allows the valuable nylon 6 carpet fiber material to be recycled and used for new products. Read more about carpet recycling here.
  • DOOR TO DOOR FLOORS uses fuel efficient vehicles for our mobile showroom fleet.

DOOR TO DOOR FLOORS exists to improve your indoor environment and respects the need to protect the outdoor environment in the process. If you share our passion for going green, be sure to ask your sales representative about our environmentally-friendly options as you select your new flooring.